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Where can I look for accounts being sold, bought or traded?
You can find it all in our Forum section.

The Forum consists of the following:
Site Announcements - where all our announcements, updates and user suggestions are located.
Guides & How To's - where you will see some guidelines to use the forum.
Featured Games and Games - where you can post or search for accounts
Disputes - where you can create a report about scams or scam attempts inside or outside the site.
Community - is a free for all forum where all discussions about the latest games, new movies and more are located.

Why can't I edit my Topic/Thread anymore?
It's either the allowed time to edit a topic has already expired or it has been forced close for breaking the site rules.
The amount of time allowed to edit a topic is 24 Hours, this is to prevent exploitation and scams. If you wish
to have your topic edited or closed you can message our Admins/Moderators to have them do it for you.

Do you provide Middleman Service on your site?
Yes, in fact we recommend you to use our service on all of your transactions. Using this service will help you
prevent getting scammed as we will make sure that all transactions will be processed properly. Additionally,
we will conduct a one-time verification for all members who will use our service to protect all parties from
worst-case scenario like account or payment recalling after the transaction was completed.

Middleman? What is that?
Middleman is a service we provide to help secure transactions and safe for both
parties. Basically, Middleman is the 3rd-person involved in an on-going transaction
where it will act as a Moderator to help and instruct each party of the things they
need to do and provide to be able to successfully finish the transaction.

Who provides the Middleman Service here?
The only one who will provide this service is MIDDLEMAN. Please be cautious
to users who might impersonate as one by trying to copy the name of MIDDLEMAN.
If someone other than our Middleman contacts you telling that they work for us is a
big LIE and will most likely scam you.

Always make sure to double check that you are talking to right person before going through the transaction.

How can I use your Middleman Service?
You can message Middleman directly but only once you find a buyer or seller and agreed with the price.
We will setup a 3-way group chat between Us, the seller and the buyer where we will instruct you of what
to do next.

How would you contact me about my transaction using your Middleman Service?
We will only contact you via our site PM system only, not through any 3rd-party messenger or Email.

How much do you charge for fee when using your Middleman Service?
We charge 12% up to 15% of the total amount worth of the transaction as the fee for our service depending
on the selected Payment Methods we are accepting.

What are the Payment Methods you accept?
- PayPal
- Western Union
- MoneyGram
- Credit Card

Are we free to post our Sales or Buys even without using your Middleman Service?
Yes you are free to do so, but doing it would be at your own risk as we will not be liable if anything goes
wrong on your transactions as we were not part of it. Our site is free for all, and we cannot control anyone
who uses it so you need to protect yourself if you opt-out in using our Middleman Service. We may still be
able to help you but our help will just be limited.

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May 27, 2016, 02:04:20 PM stephin says: hi

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